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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 24, 2010 3:00pm-5:00pm EST

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thousands of dollars and their punishment is being delayed and allowed to play in the game that would be most punitive. some call this hypocritical and confusing and money motivated. that move by the ncaa. ncaa can't have its star players sit out the big game, can they? that wouldn't be good for ratings. that wouldn't be good for the show. in the interest of full disclosure, the you don't know of arkansas krad waited owe i state is playing in the sugar bowl. i don't want the players suspended and want them on the field. we will take your best shot, ohio state. that's not the own. what i'm advocating here is consistency by the ncaa. they say several factors were considered in letting the players play in the sugar bowl. ncaa also says that part of the smugs to follow core values including, quote, belief, and a commitment to the highest levels of integrity and sportsmanship. if you say so. fredricka, it is all yours? >> i'm scared now.
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>> don't be. >> merry christmas, happy holidays. i don't know. are you okay? >> i'm okay. >> good mad? everything is good? >> everything is good. merry christmas to you. >> see you tomorrow morning. >> see you tomorrow. >> t.j., have a great one. maximize this christmas eve. it is christmas eve and if you are not where you want to be for the holidays, time is wasting. it is a huge travel day. one of the year's business sxwres on the road, rails, and the airport today, and this evening, something to warn you about here. something that you might not know could potentially slow you down as you weave through the airport. these things right here, thermos, wondering is she really thirsty today? why does she have these huge things? people travel with these and if you are planning on going through the airport with this, expect there will be serious inspections of such. carry these through security and tsa inspectors may want to take a closer look.
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you shun be too surprised about. read this. it is from the tsa today. saying, quote, in the coming days, passengers flying within and to the u.s. may notice additional security measures related to insulated beverage containers. you can hear the rest of that statement on the agency's website or at if you want to read more on that and say the extra caution is about the possibility that someone could hide something not allowed in the bottles or insulated containers like the one i showed you. something else, travel safety related today. commercial pilot, we don't know his name or the airline that he flies with, but he says that he even -- he is in hot water today because of this. watch. >> airport security is kind of a farce. it is only smoke and mirrors so you people believe that there is actually something going on here. >> okay. the voice you heard there is an
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airline pail on the. actually posted the clips online and that he says showed the security level that applies to both you and me at ordinary travelers and how it is different from the lower security level applied to flight crews in airport workers. why would he do this? what's the problem that so many are seeing with this? the tsa officials are saying they felt like enough of a problem has been made. that they are going to actually take action against this pilot now. they pulled him from a highly sensitive pilot only program and confiscated a weapon he was authorized to carry in the cockpit. let's talk more about this. joining me from phoenix is jim tillman with 30 years of flying and just about every plane at american air lines and a retired captain. good to see you. you have seen these video clips. you heard it. if you -- 00 seen it earlier. the pail on the is trying to make a point here. that he says that -- the security is, in his words,
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ludicrous. what's the point that he is trying to make? and how poe ten will you damaging is it that he's made this point? >> well, i feel this way about it. the right sentiment, wrong venue, wrong method. and -- very poor timing. pilots are hard for skill and judgment. i'm afraid this gentleman exercised very poor judgment in doing what he did when he did the way he did. >> okay. in fact, his attorney is now saying that the tsa, federal government, thinking about pursuing pretty serious legal matters against him. for example, what kind of case would they be building against this pail on the? >> well, there's a lot i don't know about the legal side of it. just from may point of view, you know, cameras is the ennew here. what does a terrorist do? their job is to make us scared. very scared. and to be that way as much as
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possible. this information, particularly during our high-travel period of time, about a year from the time when we had, in fact, a christmas bomber that -- existens. it scares people. and -- that's the terrorists job. that's not the job of an airline pilot. i think that -- when i say that it -- sentiment, yes, there are significant problems with ground personnel and checking of them and that sort of thing. i have been doing these reports on aviation security for 30 years. we have been talking ring about this as an issue quite some time. but -- this was not the right way to approach it. and -- i'm -- afraid he is going to have some serious consequence. >> well, here's this anonymous pail on the's explanation of what his intent really was. let's listen. >> you know, i just trade to address my concerns and voice it on youtube. how effective is security when everybody onboard is screened
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and everybody on the ground isn't? >> you have already state right sentiment and wrong venue. what would have been the best way for frustrated pail on the like him to do? how would he convey this? >> first of all, he is not alone. there are a lot of frustrated pilots about this issue. secondly, this is not a shocking kind of revelation. tsa is you a where of the fact that they have an issue here and looking at it for quite some time. i don't know all of the layers of the security that they use to protect us from problems there. but i know they do have security in layers. that leads to one other thing. i have to tell you that i'm afraid for the attitude that we have generally throughout the country of -- lot of people that the government is making life miserable for us. intentionally. those are people who are probably underpaid and overworked who are trying to
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help protect us. they are not out to make life miserable and i think so far as the -- rules are concerned, i think they are doing a pretty darned good job. could it be better? i don't know if any skaurt system ever that had been perfect, there are going to be loopholes and problem and going to have to work at this on a daily basis. many of them are. they are working today and work very hard. i don't think that they get enough credit for a thankless job. i also feel like it is easy to point fingers and say this is a real problem hear. we need to correct it. guess what. i don't know how long this gentleman is implying but for may entire flying career and all the time i spent on television news, this has been an issue. and we have to assume that all you have to do really is take this problem right to the people who are supposed to correct and it take it to tsa and the congress. but not on youtube. watching this video -- >> real quick, i'm wondering your view. will this pilot work again, will
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hay be trusted again? >> i think his -- future is very uncertain. i mention pilots are herrod skill and judgment. when you exercise poor judgment, the feeling is do i want a person with poor judgment in the dock put of my airplane? and -- that's a decision i get above my pay grade. i'm very concerned about the future because he has shown evidence of poor judgment. that's not the place for him. >> thanks so much. retired american airlines captain. appreciate your time and insight. happy holidays. >> thank you. same to you, fred. >> thanks so much. >> have a great holiday but that darned nasty weather seems to be getting in the way of some travelers that are needing to pack extra patience before they head out today. take a look at this here. this is minneapolis where they are used to snow. according to the minneapolis
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affiliate, police reported more than 80 crashes overnight. reynolds wolf, yes, they are used to it. it still gets in the way. >> it does. there are a lot of places in minneapolis they will have more issues possibly during the overnight hours. places most susceptible are places like bridges, plenty of air able to get under the driving surface and above it, all sides of it and things getting treacherous. it will be tough in the midwest. take a look at the snow we have falling. south of minneapolis, 94. thank you for you in iowa and st. louis, it is going to be a snow issue for you, some places one to four inches possible for you. we have watches and warnings popping up across land scape. advisories even though this -- purple number, but -- purple colors, we have things -- storm wornings in effect. the big weather maker that we have is going to be, of course, snow we are seeing there. farther to the south, we have this area of low pressure tracking over parts of texas. this is a storm system that does have a dark history.
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although we have sunshine out west now, plenty of shine. this low was about that california. bringing in heavy rainfall and snow. question is where is this thing headed next? computer models indicate the storm is expected to intensify and pull a bit more to the east over the next day or so. then forming right past parts of florida and eastern seaboard, possibly bringing heavy snowfall to portions of the appalachians and into berkshires and green mountains, parts of new england. some locations in excess of eight inches of snowfall. and closer to the coast, should be warmer but still you have the rain and wind which means as we get into monday, by midday and afternoon, we have widespread delays. logan and all your major airports in new york, philadelphia perhaps and even into parts of washington, d.c. you may want to really be patient. could be a tough time for you. going back in time, a little bit, compared to that forecast, we go to your forecast for tomorrow. we are showing you monday. let's go back to tomorrow's forecast. looks like we are going to be seeing the low.
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right in parts of the southeast. anywhere in florida. orlando, right on i-4, south georgia, rain. north of atlanta, that's where you will have cold air at the surface and may have a light dusting of snowfall in the atlanta area. >> yea. >> live in detroit for a couple of years and you are going to change your opinion. >> we are excited about it. >> absolutely. into the ohio valley, dusting of snowfall. out to the west. another round of storms possibly in california. just one round of storms. it will move right on through from california into washington state. even into oregon. that's going to fizzle out as we rounded the weekend. little break. next storm system won't last hardly as long in parts of california. >> they don't need any more. >> they don't. they are done. >> good. just in time for the holidays. something to cheer about. >> a present. >> all right. thanks so much. appreciate that. i had to get my last-minimum shopping in today. i do it every year. >> i have quite a few i need to pick up.
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traffic is down now. it is great time to get it done. >> it is fun to be in the crowd of people. >> is this you? your sentiment, down to the wire? last-minimum cripple shoppers going after the best deals they can get their hands and beat the deadline before the holiday. we will have a report straight ahead. police say a crafty burglar pulls off an art and jewelry heist worth up to a million $s next. ♪
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now a check of our top stories. snow creating headaches for air travelers at charles de gaulle airport today. part of the terminal was evacuated for fears the roof was in danger of collapsing. workers rushed to clear off the snow and also short on de-icing fluid. so today many of today's flights have been canceled. russia is pushing ahead to pass the new start treat i consider. a preliminary thumbs up today. treaty needs to be you a proved by the upper house and could happen in the january. u.s. senate approved the new treaty wednesday. and looking at some of the
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masterpieces of the new york police now trying to hunt down. these prints by andy warhol were stolen from the home of a private collector. police say the thief tunneled through a wall in the hallway in the victim's apartment. the stolen art and other items could be worth up to a million dollars. next hour, former police detective explains how such a break-in can actually go undetected. it is christmas eve in the u.s. have you completed all of your shopping? we will talk to some, trying to get the last-minute deal. that's coming up next. in iraq, where it is just about christmas time right now, children are celebrating their holiday under threats of violence christians there. that report is straight ahead.
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waited until the last meant to do all of your holiday shopping. you are not alone. 23 million americans are expected to hit the stores today. sandra endo among them in the crowd here in georgia. >> reporter: holiday shopping frenzy sun way and all those procrastinators are up against the clock. you can see the parking lot is packed behind me with a lot of people trying to find a spot to make sure that they get to the stores and the national retail federation is anticipate thing holiday season is going to be better than anticipated. that's good news out there. that's because a lot of stores are enticing customers with last-minimum deals. this ol' navy in particular has been open around the clock. they opened up at 7:00 a.m. yesterday and not closing until 7:00 tonight to accommodate all of those last-minute shoppers. >> heard they were open at mid
3:19 pm
nature. we will wait and see if we can get a deal. finished with most of our christmas shopping. we spun the wheel and got $15 off. >> it is ridiculous at the mall. here it isn't that busy. we get our christmas shopping done. do this than fight the crowd any day. >> i did find deal of my own. this 30 buck micro fleece hoodie was only $10. there are certainly some bargains to be had. but if you want to take advantage of those, you are going to have to brave the crowd this christmas eve. fred? >> congratulations. nice $10 deal there. thanks so much. meantime if you are looking to be in market of collecting coins, how about this one here? this one is a royal coin and it has been unveiled, brand you, and can you identify the couple on it? we will tell you who they are and what the controversy over the coin is all about. straight ahead. children in baghdad have to celebrate their holiday this year under threats of violence.
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the day before christmas and yet another travel nightmare hits paris.
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too much snow and fears of a roof collapse at charles de gaulle airport. an evacuation at that airport. joining me right now on the phone is cnn's nicky cook. it doesn't sound like a very good night, the night before christmas, for paris travelers. the wright side is there are a whole lot of hotel rooms in that particular airport. maybe everyone won't be sleeping on the floor. describe the scene. >> reporter: the situation, to be quite honest, is much better tonight than earlier. we expect possibly up to 200 people that made overnight at the airport. hotel rooms have been booked all around. they are booking stranded passengers into the city. we have 100 volunteers at the airport that have been distributing gifts and chocolates and food and water and not champagne. it has been a grueling two days out at the airport indeed. >> maybe the chocolate will perk people up. you know, when we talk about this airport being inundated
3:23 pm
with a lot of snow and there is a shortage of the de-icing which led to the cancellation of so many flights, even if they clear the runways, problem is to make sure these planes are safe enough for flights. >> that's exactly right. they were completely victim of a stockage, kind of broke down there, and several hundred flights were grounded as the u.s. actual will you sent some of that over from the state and others arrived from germany. you are absolutely right. that was unexpected. we have had two issues going on which is the freezing temperatures and the snow. and it has been going on for several days. unprecedented for charles de gaulle airport to have had so many days in the freeze and meaning that much more of the de-icing products had to be put on the airplane and i think it was just not as anything that they say they could really expect. >> so they have to evacuate one portion because they were afraid of a roof collapse. where do the people go? then where are they now? >> yeah.
3:24 pm
actually, it wasn't an evacuation. what happened is there were accumulating snow over the past few days off terminal 2-e. one section. going back to several years ago when that terminal actually had real issues and part of the roof did collapse in the month of may, they decided to simply move the passengers to the other side of the terminal while the maintenance guys basically cleaned up that roof. so 2,000 people were moved over the other side of the terminal and not actually an evacuation but did add a lot of misery to the situation which was already extremely difficult to deal with. fred? >> relocation. not an evacuation. thanks so much. try stay warm and maybe, you know, chocolate or two will keep you happy there. >> thank you very much. meantime, children in iraq, they are not having a very merry christmas this year because churches there are toning down celebration following attacks targeting christians in that country. listen to this report filed by baghdad correspondent jomana
3:25 pm
karachi. ♪ >> reporter: these iraqi children, this christmas is anything but merry. most churches in iraq have decided to tone down their celebration this year. following a series of attacks targeting christians. baghdad's only anglican church, st. george, message of defiance. >> most of the churches here in baghdad havetally canceled christmas celebrations. we have not. we are going to celebrate it to its fullest and everything all you have to find some enjoyment. >> reporter: feeling echoed by most of the worshipers here who brought their children to witness a rare appearance by santa claus and in this overwhelmingly muslim land. she says although this is the most grim christmas in years, she will still make the best out
3:26 pm
of it. >> it gets worse every year. but despite the situation, we will keep celebrating, she says. and not allow sorrow to prevail. st. joseph's catholic church is more typical of iraq's churches. the fear of attacks has forced them to forego decorations and to not hold any nighttime mass. >> so many families are afraid actually to come to the church and especially after the new threats we have received by the internet and e-mail. >> reporter: other priests in iraq have reported similar threats ahead of christmas. after the orrivic siege of the baghdad siege in the church in october that killed and wounded dozens, a blood bath linked to a group with al qaeda and targeting christians in their homes and church leaders say the threats are taken seriously. thousands of christians have already fled their homes in
3:27 pm
baghdad and mosul in recent months as draek result of the renewed violence. iraq estimated to have had more than a million christians before the u.s. led invasion in 2003 but the violence and persecution that followed has driven about half of them out. church leaders are worried about another exodus. and trying to stop it. >> we are trying to give them hope but sometimes the -- the signs from the reality, from our reality, is more strong than message. >> for now, those who remain pray this christmas will be a peaceful one. here in the u.s., remember just moments ago reynolds wolf was telling us about expected ice and rainstorm. not quite sure what it will end up being. for tomorrow, particularly in the atlanta area, preemptively delta airlines, a very huge, heavy traveled season,
3:28 pm
preemptively now canceled 300 flights scheduled in or out of atlanta in advance of this snow or ice or rainstorm expected for tomorrow here. give us an idea. delta taking it very seriously. anything can happen. in large part because atlanta is a tough zone to having lot of ice storms and snow and certainly you want to be safe at the airport. >> the issue you have here, have you that moisture that's coming in from both gulf coast and and plant have the freezing line, temperatures will be close to the line, close, busiest airport. with that in mind delta has decided to cancel those 300 flights. the only good side of the story is that well, i guess better to have it on christmas day rather than -- have it today. mine, i will tell you today will be a busy day and tomorrow hopefully people will be where they need to be. we are talking about the issues with the air travel. we had to think about the other come are ative effects you will
3:29 pm
have with the bad weather, drive conditions across parts of the southeast and higher elevations of the appalachians, back into blue ridge parkway difficult. that does not consider what's going to happen with the delays in days to come as the storm system will not remain locked in place. possibly zip up the eastern seaboard so we can see this spill over into parts of new england and washington, d.c., maybe even into philadelphia and new york. this may be the beginning of several days of delays beginning here in atlanta. >> i was excited about snow but now i have to take that back. it will inconvenience way too many people. >> two-sided coin. >> i was excited about a white christmas. >> yeah. if you don't have a place go it will be fantastic. >> weigh will con to update people on the delta airline cancellations and potentially any other airlines that may follow suit. take a look at the this. doou see anything wrong with this picture?
3:30 pm
do you see any resemblance p royal watchers are up in arms over this new coin.
3:31 pm
3:32 pm
oh, royal watchers are all a twitter over this one. it is the official coin commemorating prince william and catherine middleton's upcoming wedding. some complain the image does not look anything like the royal couple. reaction on the twitter board. is that kat kate middleton or j joplin? how could they put o out a coin that looks nothing like kate middleton? it makes her lack like she got
3:33 pm
stung by a bee. ouch. katie nickel is a royal corporate den for the mail sunday. author of the book "william & hairy behind the palace walls." katie, people aren't just complaining about how kate or catherine looks on the coin, some say prince william looks more like al gore and the coin shows him with too much hair. explain this one. how could this happen? >> i think it probably is an attempt at flattery. i know it does many look like it when you look at the coin because they both look unlike themselves. i met both of them many times and they are incredibly attractive people. what they are trying to do, give him more hair. stream line them both. in doing so, they dis torted their images so much i think if you didn't have the names william and catherine on that coin, i actually don't think most people would even recognize
3:34 pm
th them. such a distortion. the stwrang thing is the kwaen 's and prince william the image for that, go ahead -- >> they gave a thumb's up and think there is accuracy hear. maybe it is quite the challenge to be able to etch a drawing or create a coin with the exact replication of an individual. simple as that. >> i think it is a challenge. there are artists that specialize in this. we actually -- when we broke the story the royal mentor preparing the mold and this -- bear in mind couple of weeks before a announcement was made, an image of what the coin would look like. tell you something, we did -- much better job at designing it than the royal have done. i think they let the couple down on this one. prince william has given it his thumbs up. >> i wonder what will and kate have to say about this. >> i think prince william is
3:35 pm
pleased with it. from what i hear from kate's friends she had a chuckle about it and didn't think the fact that she was on the coin in first place is beyond her wildest dreams. the fact she has slightly plumped up lips, i don't think it is bothering her too much. >> they don't strike me as being ungrateful about the moment and seem to be relishing the moment. you know, what more can we say about what the plans are for the royal wedding and are you hearing anything new? you know you are so plugged in. >> i can tell you that they are going to be spending christmas day apart which is a little sad. actually, it is quite understandable. this is probably going to be kate's last christmas with her family. as you know, as soon as she marries into the royal family she will be expected to spend christmas at the queen's estate in norfolk where the family congregates christmas day. william volunteered to work. in doing that he -- the reason
3:36 pm
he has done is to allow kate a final christmas. they will be together christmas might and i think we will probably see -- i think we will probably see them together possibly doing shooting and then saying that they may be heading to scotland to see the new year in together. >> nice holiday plan. coin or no coin, they are a handsome couple. i think everybody agrees. >> i think so, too. >> thanks so much. appreciate your time. appreciate it. merry christmas and happy new year. >> merry christmas to you. >> thank you. shocking video. toddler in a baby carriage. you will see it play out straight ahead. maybe you don't want to see it. as we approach the end of the year, do you remember the top ten news stories? we will start the countdown next. so i went back to my doctor again. we chose symbicort to help control my asthma symptoms all day and night. [ man ] symbicort improves my lung function, starting within 15 minutes.
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. this just in to cnn.
3:39 pm
huge fire that killed two fight fighters in chicago this week may result in criminal charges. larry langford from chicago fire department is joining me now. thanks for your time, larry. give me an idea why a criminal investigation now. >> what we do, office of fire investigation goes in first, that's the fire department. go in and look at the evidence so they can zpind talked to witnesses and look and make a determination if we can of what started the fire. we have a building that has no electricity for several months and no gas service for many months. yet, there was a fire. we have determined that the fire was started by open flame ignition to available combustibles, wood and rubbish, inside. in layman's terms, it was started by a human act probably. >> even though their intent may have been to stay warm because presumably that's -- what the situation may have been, right -- that's correct. >> even though there may have been that intent because it resulted in the fair of the two firefighters, you have to pursue
3:40 pm
a criminal investigation. >> we turned it over to the chicago police department, bomb and arson division. they constructed an investigation. we deal in the science of fire and they deal in possible suspects. we can't prove one way or another what the intent was or whoever was in there. that will be up to the police department to conduction an investigation and make that determination. we know it started at the rear of the building and no accelerants were used. it is just -- it may have started as a fire for heat and that's something they will have to determine once they found out who did it and what the intent was. >> negligence in the end may be a component to a charge. >> that is very possible. >> okay. and our condolences going out to the families. thanks for your time. larry langford. what a year it has been. and it is not even over yet. few more days to go. a week or so before new year. we put together our top ten lust of the biggest stories of 2010.
3:41 pm
here is what we are following counting down big stories. >> hi there. i'm brooke baldwin with ten biggest stories of 2010. number ten p. boisterous debate over the ground zero mosque. >> maybe if a mosque were built then you guys would know what islam was about. >> it was actually just a proposed islamic community center two blocks from ground zero. but that didn't stop the outcry. especially from some 9/11 survivors and the families of victims. >> this building is being built on the cemetery of our loved ones. i lost 93 of may friends. what happened to the sensitivity going from the muslim world to the families? >> the debate heated up on the internet, cable tv, land order the doorstep of the white house. >> this is america. our commitment to religious freedom and must be unshakable.
3:42 pm
>> developers right now are trying to secure funding for the islamic center could cost more than a hundred million dollars. supporters say it is an effort to strengthen multifaith understanding. number nine a royal engagement. >> very romantic. >> did he get down on one knee? >> prince william announced he will marry kate middleton. he gave her his mother's ring and will exchange vows at westminster abbey in april. another royal wedding, 30 years after we saw princess diana walk down the aisle. the end of combat operations in iraq is the number eight story of the year. >> the united states paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the hands of its people. now it is taum ime to turn the . >> august 31, more than 4400 american troops died during
3:43 pm
operation iraqi freedom. thousands of noncombat troops will stay in place to help train and assist iraqi forces until next year. wikisleeks at number seven. julian assange was at the center of the controversial release. they documented everything from u.s. actions in afghanistan to personal comments about kim jong-il. he was arrested as part of the sexual assault investigation in sweden. issue number one coming in at number six. list of the year's biggest stories. very. >> very easy to get depressed and lie in bed and stay in your pa michael jordan as and watch tv all day. >> of course, i'm talking about the economy. the hue unemployment rates. >> there's no silver bullet. there is no quick fix to these problems. >> the market shows signs of life and the government passed new legislation to overhaul the financial system but for millions and millions of americans, times are still very
3:44 pm
tough. what made our list of the top five stories of the year? get your list together and compare. brooke is back next hour counting down to the number one story of 2010. a miami motorist is caught on camera hitting a toddler in a baby carriage. the outcome, next. very emotional tribute to our troops this christmas. we warn you, you need tissues to wipe tears from your eyes. and we're learning that what happens in one part of it affects all of us. we're chevrolet. and with the all-new plug-in volt and other energy-saving vehicles, like the brand-new cruze, we're helping reduce emissions in the air we all breathe. and we're not stopping there. ♪ when you buy a chevrolet, we'll invest in renewable-energy, energy-efficiency, and tree-planting programs across america. over the next few years, these initiatives
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this next story is shocking. some of you actually might find it very disturbing. miami police want to find a driver who hit three people in the sidewalk including baby in a
3:47 pm
stroller. look right here. surveillance video. vo the crash happened last weekend. the mother, child and the toddler in the stroller were getting ready to cross the road when they were hit. the toddler in the stroller tossed 15 feet across the parking lot. >> this is a family that was getting ready to cross the street. they were on the sidewalk when out of the clear blue this black crown victoria was -- started to veer off on to oncoming traffic. number one, hits this infant in a stroller. and hits a light pole and then just speeds off. unknown to him whether the child lost his life or not. >> the bow suffered only bruise and is expected to make a full recovery. valuable art by andy warrol and watches and jewelry are stolen in a hughes worth up to a million dollars. why police are calling the thief
3:48 pm
a crafty burglar straight ahead. delta airlines cancels hundreds of flights to and from atlanta. we have information that may affect your travel plans straight ahead. first, i want you to watch an amazing story of survival. an actress and model is rushed in a emergency surgery after a tumor ruptured in her brain. she shares her remarkable recovery with dr. sanjay gupta. >> reporter: it was an ordinary day for katherine wolf. >> i was standing in my kitchen. mason went down for a nap. >> reporter: in an instant changed her life forever. >> my husband came home for lunch. within two minutes, i had fallen, collapsed. >> reporter: wolf had a devastating brain bleed. for this 26-year-old model, wife, new mom, she had no idea that anything was wrong. >> arteries and veins grow in a tangle. >> right.
3:49 pm
>> reporter: what happened that daw day? >> i remember getting in an ambulance and waking up a month and a half later. >> reporter: many doctors would not have attempted the operation. >> this did tell my family it was extremely xwraif. >> reporter: they thought you were going to die. >> right. >> reporter: it was a lot of work to overcome those obstacle. >> absolutely. as miraculous as me living and surviving the surgery was the real miraculous things throughout this process has been my recovery. >> reporter: she had to endure a lot of therapy. >> i sat through months and months of daily training as they put electrical stimulation on my throat. i did these horrible exercises. it was so exhausting. finally i was able to eat a spoon full of pudding after like -- eight months. >> reporter: walking is still not easy. >> i'm learning to use my core to really push me forward.
3:50 pm
>> reporter: tell me about what your limitations are now. what's the most difficult thing for you to do you couldn't do before. >> i can't drive the car. severe double vision. i can't walk on my own. i can dress myself. >> reporter: she is alive. she is feeling better. what's the message you think for other patients? >> you would tell other patients hang in there and work hard roup dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? you gave him fiber. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. [ male announcer ] fiber one. took some foolish risks as a teenager. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol.
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3:53 pm
joy, hugs, tears, emotional reunions at airports and homes across america this week. scores of u.s. troops are coming home for the holidays and they're also reflecting the less fortunate buddies, those on duty overseas and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. take a look. >> thank you, keep up the good work. we're proud of you. take care of the 4th division. we're proud of you. take care. ♪ fare thee well ♪ my own true love ♪ farewell for a while ♪ i'm going away
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a massive art heist in new york. wait until you hear how the crook pulled it off. christmas chaos at the mall. >> everybody fighting to get in. >> would you believe this is all over a shoe? look out below, massive evacuation at an airport that's already seen its share of snow problems this week. why did vermont's governor invite livestock to a press conference. >> certainly they're better behaved than the legislature.
4:02 pm
rapid fire, let's go. a christmas day monkey wrench for travelers on delta. 500 flights are canceled, most at the airline's hub of atlanta. blame the weather. a winter storm is bearing down on the southeast, and ordinary it would this weekend, too. if you're holding a delta ticket, get to the phone and call the airline to check the flight's status. next, airport travelers, let's get a look at those insulated bottles and drink containers. it's the news alert by the tsa. the tsa says they're not banned, just that they might want an extra look. next, watch the scary surveillance video. a florida woman says she was sure she was dead when a car
4:03 pm
jack a carjacker drove off. the man drove a mile and a half before letting her go. police found the car, no crook in custody as of yet. >> and chicago police will investigate who started the fire that resulted in the deaths of two firefighters this week. that investigation could result in criminal charges. the fire department has determined that somebody said a fire in the rear of the building and it ignited wood and other rubbish inside the building. the case has been turned over to the police arson investigators. it will be up to police to find and charge any suspects. pope benedict xiv prepares to deliver the traditional mass at st. peter's basilica. security is of course tight at the vatican tonight. a woman in the crowd managed to lunge at the pope during the christmas mass the past two years, once actually pulling him to the ground, if you'll recall.
4:04 pm
next this mad dash to the mall isn't to buy last-minute christmas presents. it's the scramble in houston for the new cool gray air jordan sneakers. the crowd was so big police were ka you would in to keep order. >> everybody trying to get in, it was decent, but it was a struggle to get the shoes. >> people got pushed down the stairs. >> it was crazy. people were hurrying to get in line or even get a chance to get them. >> one man was so desperate to be first in line that he hid in a trash can. when that failed, he found somebody willing to sell their pair for $400, the cool grays retail for $17 a 5. next the spiderman music all reopened last night. the performer who was hurt in the stunt is still in seniors condition in a new york hospital, but the cast and crew met with federal and state
4:05 pm
safety officials. yesterday they implemented new safety measures before last night's show which include more rehearsal and stunt training for the understudies. next on "rapid fire" the imam at the center of is the new york islamic fiasco is planning a speaking tour. he plans to travel to cities across america to promote his planned center in lower manhattan and start a conversation about muslim life in america. next, vice president joe biden says the obama administration will stand firm when. extension of those so-called bush era tax cuts expire in two years. the legislation that just passed is set to expire in 2012, an election year, but biden says by then americans will be spending again. the vice president also made news on abc's "good morning america" today when he subjected that same-sex marriage will be a reality nationwide someday. >> i think the country is
4:06 pm
evolving, and i think there's an northwestibility for a national consensus on gay marriage. that's my view. and if you itemize your tax returns, you'll have to wait until mid-february to file. "usa today" reports the i.r.s. is still implementing all the changes from the tax bill signed into law. expect refunds to be delayed as well. next the victims of the bernie madoff ponzi scheme may end up starting to get their money in mid-january. that's when a judge will approve a settlement with a widow who was married to one of madoff's best buddies. if it's approved, then $7.2 billion will be released to madoff's victims. next, dozens of haitian orphans are going to new homes in france, just in time for christmas.
4:07 pm
they range in age from 18 to 124 months old. the kids arrived in paris aboard a chartered plane. all of them are getting a medical checkup and doctors are looking for signs of cholera as well. about 2,500 people have died from the epidemic in haiti in recent weeks. as many as 300 children are expected to be adopted by families in france. andy warhol, roy licken steen, pop art where thousands of dollars were snatched from a homeowner's walls. how did they pull off this daring heist? by the way, how do bad guys sell stolen art? and lindsay lohan may catch a break, just in time for christmas. it's trending. another heart attack could be lurking, waiting to strike. a heart attack that's caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix, taken with other heart medicines, goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone, to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death
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take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day. or...choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. enjoy the flight. how do you fence artwork? we've been wondering about that. someone tunneled through a wall and grabbed paintings, prints, the thieves are unidentified, but the artwork is well known including andy war shoal's
4:10 pm
"superman" so gil alba is on the phone with us from westchester new york. so you have to wonder how this took place, gil. for one, this robber or robbers had clearly cased the joint to know exactly where things were hiding. >> i got cut off for a second. >> you have to wonder if they had been to the unit before, because they knew exactly where to look for the jewelry and where the artwork was hung. >> nobody off the street goes in there for a weekend and drills holes in the wall. obviously they knew where they were going to go, what they needed, and when you do something like this, you know ahead of time what you're going to do with the drawings and the paintings, and the julie that they took. this was definitely planned and they knew what they were doing. >> the jewelry might be easier
4:11 pm
to resell but not the artwork. would it be to simply add to their collections? >> these guys make a profit, and set it to peel. i mean, these art paintings and drawings, people have in their houses and actually this case wasn't even reported for a period of time. it happened the end of november, and just getting reported now. so the art dealers sometimes it's a little -- but writer these going to go? they already thin of that. there's some fencing places where police are already checking or ear people these guys may try to sell it, too. so they're obviously selling to somebody else.
4:12 pm
they already have an idea what they're going to do with it. what happens is the police departments, especially new york city police departments, there's a lot to be done here, and sometimes they don't always have the manpower to follow through. if they don't get dna from somebody drilling, from cutting themselves or fingerprint or anything else. even if they get that and the person was never arrested, then they can't put the two together. i'm sure they people were arrested before. this is a pattern kind of thing that happens. it's not unusual. >> really? this is not unusual to drill the holes in the hallway through the wall of an apartment and be able to make this kind of heist and get away? >> you know, it's unusual, you know, but i was in the major case squad, so i had several cases like that, not only for art -- for other reasons, so they go for the whole weekend, they'll rent an apartment right next to it. >> but you would think people would hear it, drink and all that. i would imagine this apartment
4:13 pm
complex, if you've got tenants who have artwork with value like this, our jewelry, there's probably a surveillance system, but i understand these thieves even thought of that. what do you know about how they were able to either influence the surveillance system or dismantle it? >> the surveillance system was in the apartment. they knew where it was. usually that's something that's hidden, so you can't find it. they actually found it and took it with him. he owned the particular building, but if you know anything about this area, that's a meat packing area. some of the buildings are very old. he owned the whole building, so i don't even know if there were other tenants. to do something like this and there was nobody else in the building they had the whole weekend. they had to know he was away, and had the collection and where the collection was. somebody knew what was going on.
4:14 pm
>> so an inside job in a way, knows the security system, where things are kept, this is not a random targeted apartment? >> no, definitely not. actually they guys may not have been the guys in the apartment, but someone told them about the layout. >> gil, happy holidays. >> thank for your time. appreciate it. >> all right. thank you. do you think you can name the top ten news stories of the year? the complete list is straight ahead, and a vermont governor held a press conference that turned into a dog and pony show. as we go to break, here's a live look at midnight mass from the vatican. healthy smiles start at the gumline. [ speaking foreign language ]hes
4:15 pm
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4:17 pm
republican jim douglas has served four terms as governor of vermont. last year he announced he will not seek reelection. for eight years, he's held weekliness conference that the mediaoff yeah dubbed dog and phony show. he decided to give them the real deal. >> i want to introduce you to annie. we'll end this tenure with a literal dog and pony show. >> got a good laugh. douglas leaves office in january. he says he's got the last laugh now. i think it's time for all things political on radar with
4:18 pm
our political pop. that means joe johns as well. >> that was a nice dog and pony, very telegenic. >> that was the idea and it made air. that too was the idea. let's talk about history making with don't ask/don't tell and barney frank has new sentiments on that as well. >> first of all, for people who don't know, has a reputation for being very intellectually agile to the point that members of congress, and even some in the media understand there's a risk of getting into any kind of impassioned debate with him, because he's famous for running circles around people. frank has a knack for pointing out absurd things, flaws in logic, and he's one of the few openly gay members of congress. with that setup, let's listen to what congressman frank had to say when a reporter from cns news asked him about the idea of
4:19 pm
gay and straight service measures showering together. >> a straight military personnel will have to shower with homosexual d. oh, showering with homosexual in what do you think happens in gyms all over america or in the house of representatives. of course people shower with hock osexuals. what a silly issue. what do you think goes wrong when people shower with hock osexual. do you think the spray makes it catches? we don't get ourselves dry-cleaned. we take showers in the gym. the notion that there's something new in the first place about showering with hock osexuals -- remember, the policy was you would be showering with homosexual, just weren't supposed to know which was which. there was no change in that. the nothing that knowing is someone is gay or lesbian, as opposed to know they were -- that somehow makes a difference. that's so silly. >> classic barney frank.
4:20 pm
>> barney frank is always frank, always. >> he's totally frank. and the thing about this, this was based on a pentagon recommendation that there be no separate showering for straight and gay troops. the lesson here, if there is a lesson is that from a media standpoint, barney frank is still very hard to ambush. >> that's right. he's always at the ready. 'tis the season, you know, a little holiday shopping, christmas carts, and some congressmen are also involved in that, too? >> that's right. one of the christmas cards with the most buzz is actually online. it belongs to a member of congress who has, pardon the pun, the most watched naughty list on capitol hill. that would be congressman darrell issa, who's expected to be chairman of the oversight committee in january. this is a big deal. when the republicans take over the house, if anybody is going to start investigating the democrats and administration with vigor, it will be darrell issa, but what we found out this
4:21 pm
week is he's not just congressional investigator all the time. actually he's got a lighter side sort of -- sort of. take his holiday carts. issa posted up souped-up stick figure with the sanity hat. he calls it very transparency, it's also on twitter, and issa invited people to write in captions for the card, then he and his staff decided who would be the winners. >> they're having fun with this, except the captions aren't generally all that funny, like "deck the has with spending folly." "earmarks make lousy stocking stuffers." >> people are terse lately. >> aloha, the president is in hawaii, having a great old time, and his press secretary robert gibbs is not bitter. he says i'm going to be very
4:22 pm
involved on twitter. so you got questions? i got answers. >> pretty amazing. he does take questions from the public from time to time, and this time he sort of took it up a notch or two. the administration no doubt is going to say they're trying to be more transparent. this is an example. he took questions for a full half hour on twitter, ranging from pretty wankish stuff to pure political pop. somebody asked him where he eats his lunch, he said at his desk, and is the president still smoking? he said, no, not for nine months. apparently he thinks this is a good thing to do on christmas eve and may actually try it again next year. >> is it an indicator that he's bored? >> make bored, but bottom like, like a good press secretary, he didn't make any news on twitter. >> mmt ahalo, isn't that what they say? so the president is probably saying thank you very much.
4:23 pm
mahalo. merry christmas. >> you too, miss fred. >> thank you. speaking of a few laughs. why instead did conan o'brien have to apologize to jimmy kimmel. ? kareen wynter joins us from l.a. there she is. but first a trivia test for everybody out there. see if you can guess the top ten news stories this year. we've already given you five. the rest of the list after this. this new jetta is awesome. yeah, right now during sign then drive, you can take home a volkswagen for just your signature.
4:24 pm
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4:25 pm
we're counting down the ten biggest stories of 2010. here's what we have revealed so far. coming in at number 10, the debate over the islamic cultural center and mosque in new york. number nine, prince william getting engaged. and 8, the u.s. ends combat ops in iraq. number 7, the wick i leaks revelations. number 6, the jobs and the economy. for the stories that made our top five biggest of the year, here again is brooke baldwin. >> the number five top story actually began one year ago today. december 24th, 2009, when the
4:26 pm
senate passed the health care reform bill with a bitterly partisan vote of 60 yays and 39 nays. >> yes to health care, as an inalienable right of every american citizen. >> we will not do this. we will not commit generational theft on future generations of americans. >> after months of hotly contested negotiations, the house then passed a bill in march with a vote of 219-212. 34 democrats and all of the republican members of the house voted against it, but the debate didn't stop there. >> the people who voted for this bill will get an earful. >> can you say it was done openly? with transparency and accountability? hell no, you can't! >> many pundits would say that vicious debate over the health care bill in part spurred the number 4 story of the year, the rub landslide at the midterm
4:27 pm
elections. >>ite not recommending for every future president they take a shellacking like i did last night. >> fueled by tea party fevor, dissatisfaction with washington, and plunging poll numbers, the democrats lost their majority in the house. the democrats will be holding on to the senate by a razor-thin majority, and for the white house, the new year promises a far more different political playing field, the change president confronted with what everyone assumes will be gridlock. while it was a tough year for president obama, it was an even tougher one for those americans living on the gulf coast. on april 20th, the deepwater horizon exploded killing 11 men, beginning what would come to be known the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. for three months oil gushed from the severed wellhead. while the precise damage will never be known, it is estimated that more than 205 million
4:28 pm
gallons of oil poured into the gulf. there was a terrible price to pay, burn-offs and boom, underwater pluming and oil-soaked wildlife. the economic ramifications rocked the region. >> there's no one who wants this things over more than i do. i said my life back. >> even after the well was finally capped in mid-july, the environmental damage still remains unknown. just a few weeks after the well was capped another tragedy, but this one would come with a happy ending. you know the store. august 5th, 33 chilean miners were plunged into dust and darkness, a mine, and world chile collapsed trapping them in more than 2,000 feet below the surface of the earth. weeks passed as frantic efforts were attempted and failed. on august 22nd, a miracle, a 5 1/2-inch boar hold reached an emergency room in the mine. when the drill bit returned to
4:29 pm
the surface there was a note attached. we are all right in the shelter, the 33 of us us. he would spend a record-break -- before the world would witness their assent to freedom. which brings us to the number one story of 2010, it has no happy ending, but one that shook the world and stirred an outpouring of grief far beyond the tiny island nation of haiti. the earthquake hit early tuesday evening the 12th of january. seismologists measured the quake at a magnitude 7.0, but it would be far more different to wrap our heads around the magnitude of the human tragedy. 230,000 dead more than a million made homeless overnight. children orphaned families separated. perhaps hardest to bear unknown thousands trapped beneath the
4:30 pm
rubble. a humanitarian crisis that continues to this day. i'm brooke baldwin. those are the ten biggest story of 2010. okay. right now let's look at what's trending right now. kareen wynter has the goods. she's joining us from l.a. how are you doing, kareen? >> i'm doing well. >> let tea talk about the flap over conan o'brien. let's first look at the skit. >> rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was just on tv and they updated it to make the rudolph story a little more contemporary. take a look. >> something wrong with your nose? my name is clarice. hi. rudolph? i think you're cute.
4:31 pm
it's a great feeling of accomplishment. >> oh, no. and then what happened? this is another bit that we want you to listen to, an online apology that koenen conan issued. >> we find out that jimmy kimmel did the same idea two weeks ago, so we of course apologize. we weren't aware. the staff member responsible for the piece has been fired, and he's been immediately retired at jimmy kimmel. >> oh, boy. kareen, this is a big oops? >> it is, but let's be serious. we are talking comedy, how much of a big deal is this, fred? you have that light humor like i do. all right. is it embarrassing? probably, but it's comedy, people. lighten up. >> you're talking about the
4:32 pm
competition of late-night tv. you get to have original stuff, you can't by mimicking somebody else's goods. that's what's at issue? >> that's a great point. i've been checking out a lot of the chatter, and i think one guy summed it up really great. he said maybe it's possible that this was just a coincidence, you know? it's not so far-fetched the idea of palin shooting rudolph, that it could be thought of by more than one person. she hunts, it's christmas, so keeping all of that in mind, sure again, was it embarrassing? yes, but it was an honest mistake. what's even funnier is the fact that conan said, all right, we fess up, but we're sorry, and he makes fun of himself. so you forget about what happened and the fact that classic conan. that is why so many people love him. >> except the person that wrote that skit. he's not laughing, because he got fired. >> i know. >> so new information on lindsay lohan. she's had a rather naughty year,
4:33 pm
would say some. could she be getting a break after all for christmas? >> you know, that's certainly what it looks like. this troubled starlet can perhaps thank santa for this break. we all know lindsay has been spending a lot of time in rehab in california for the past several months as part of her court man dade. a woman who worked at the betty ford rehab ser, her name is dawn holland, and she accused lohan of assaulting her. now she's off the hook, and her attorney said holland won't be pressing charge or assisting further in the investigation or the prosecution. they were tag this seriously. he also adds that a crime has not been committed by lohan. this woman was also monitoring lohan's drug rehab at this clinic when this incident allegedly occurred. so, again, lohan catches a bit of a break. let's hope this year is a better one for her in 2011.
4:34 pm
>> in the spirit of giving, giving her a break. >> yes. i think she needs it. let's start 2011 with a bang, folks. >> let's stay away from the word "bang" though. >> good point. >> kareen wynter, thank you. have a great holiday, all that good stuff. >> you too. >> thanks so much. okay. weather is kind of nasty out there right now. especially if you're one of the many holiday travelers, just take a look at that board right there. that is a look at all the planes in the area. a report is coming up. reynolds wolf is tracking santa claus. we'll be explaining after the break. where is santa right now? just a few hours before christmas night. we actually have a lot of scientists that play music. the creativity, the innovation, there's definitely a tie there. one thing our scientists are working on is carbon capture and storage, which could prevent co2 from entering the atmosphere. we've just built a new plant to demonstrate how we can safely freeze out the co2 from natural gas.
4:35 pm
it looks like snow. it's one way that we're helping provide energy with fewer emissions. it's one way that we're helping provide energy seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business.
4:36 pm
4:37 pm
okay. a little reporter roulette. we'll be gentle. reynolds beginning with us. that word makes me nervous. >> it gets kind of crazy. >> we'll be gentle. >> some argue may be it might be -- we're talking about -- over 300 flights canceled by delta in atlanta's hartsfield-jackson airfield. we have a possibility of snow in parts of the southeast, at least enough of a threat that the airline has decided to kanzled flights. from us freighting for many people. the good news is i guess we're lucky it didn't happen today or the day before. >> some people can actually get somewhere. >> not a whole lot of travelers on christmas day. there are many of you, and i feel sorry for you -- >> enough to fill up the 300 to 500 flights. >> especially with kids, it will be tough, but it's all safety,
4:38 pm
that's what it's about. >> i do say yay. a nice white christmas? yay, but i'm going to temper that. >> two sides of the coin. nikki cook is with us now. >> the situation to be quite honest is much better tonight their earlier. we expect possibly up to 200 people that may overnight at the airport tonight, but indeed hotel rooms have been booked all around. >> we have 100 volunteers who have been distributing gifts, chocolate and foot, but it's been a grueling two days out at the airport indeed, fred. >> paper the chocolate will perk people up. when we talk about this being inundated, and then a shortage
4:39 pm
of the de-icing which has led to the cancellation, the problem is to make sure they planes are safe enough for flight. >> that's exactly right. this were completely victim of the stockage and several hundred flights were grounded as the u.s. sent some of that over from the states and others arrived from germany, but you're absolutely right. that was completely unexpected. we have had two issues going on, which is the freezing temperatures and the snow, and it's been going on for several days. this is unprecedented for charles de gaulle airport to have so many days in the freeze, meaning that much more of this de-icing product had to be put on airports. i think it was just not anything that they say they could really expect. >> so they had to evacuate one portion because they were afraid of a roof collapse. so where did the people go? and where are they now? >> yeah, actually it wasn't an
4:40 pm
evacuati evacuation. there has been accumulating snow on terminal 2-e, and going back to several years ago when that terminal actually had some real issues and part of the roof did collapse in the month of may, they decided to simply move the pam to the other side while the maintenance guys cleaned up that roof. it did add misery to the situation. which was already difficult to deal with. >> thanks so much nikki cook, as we head into the end of the year. we'll also review the hottest political stories, and we love lists, you know. here's one that caught our eye. we've got the list of the top five most charitable celebs in 2010, from do that's the web side. number five is ellen degeneres, as she raised more than $150,000
4:41 pm
for lesbians and gays struggling with mental illness. number four, they launched a power foundation to help stop child sex trafficking around the world. number three taylor swift. earlier this year when nashville flooded, she donated half a million to help in the relief efforts there, and who were the top two celebs doing good? well, that is next. out of the very best america had to offer. ingenuity. integrity. optimism. and a belief that the finest things are the most thoughtfully made -- not the most expensive. today, the american character is no less strong. and chevrolet continues as an expression of the best of it. bringing more technology to more people than ever in our history. inventing new ways to get around our planet while helping to preserve it at the same time. exploring new horizons of design and power. and making our vehicles amongst the safest on earth.
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4:44 pm
raised aids awareness. another list, a list of the hottest political stories of the year. take a look. i'm candy crowley with the top ten political moments of 2010. at number 10, a big no-no in the florida governor's debate. alex sink broke the rules when her makeup artist showed her a cell phone message during the debate. her pont republican rick scott called it her out. >> first the rule was no one is supposed to give us messages during the break and your campaign did with an ipod. >> sink said she couldn't even read the message, because she ended up firing the campaign staffer involved. at number 9, a tickle fight lands a u.s. congressman in hot wire. >> a time ago, you said, quote, not only did i grope him, i tickled him until he couldn't
4:45 pm
breathe. >> larry, when you grab someone and you're wrestling, i don't know how to describe that work. >> eric massa resigned his seats, his reasons recurring cancer and an ethics committee investigation. at number 8, aqua buddha. >> why did rand paul once tie a woman up, tell her to bow down before a false idol and say his god was aqua buddha? >> yes, that ad from jack conway made the phrase aqua buddha into a major issue. he used the ad to question the christian faith of his republican opponent rand paul. to no avail, paul won the november race. number 7, another campaign ad, this one featuring a flock of demon sheep. the ad came out during the primary campaign for california's republican senate nominee. the campaign of former ceo
4:46 pm
carriy fiorina laumplged the ad. strategists questioned the strategy of portraying voters as dim-witted sheep. she won the nomination, but lost the election to barbara boxer. and number 6. >> will the gentleman from new york, mr. rangel, kindly appear in the well? >> in december, the house of representatives formerly censured congressman rangel. rangel was philosophical when it came time for him to speak. >> but at the end of the day, as i started off saying, compared to where i've been, i haven't had a bad day since. thank you. >> 1983 was the last time the house censured a member. the top five political moments of 2010, right after this. necessarily apply at 5. this is america, man. home of the highway... last minute detours and spontaneous acts of freedom.
4:47 pm
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4:49 pm
i'm candy crowley. now back to the list of the top ten political moments of 2010. at number 5, new york senate carl palladino's soprano-like confrontation. >> i'll take you out, buddy. >> how are you going to take me out? >> watch. >> that's palladino with a columnist whose newspaper had wring about a daughter palladino had out of wedlock. he lost to andrew cuomo, but never let go of the thug image. during his hand during a concession speech? a baseball bat. at number four, the symbolism and emotion of the health care debate. >> i'm carrying this gavel that
4:50 pm
was just given to me -- correction -- lent to me by chairman dingell. it was used in the enactment of the medicare law. >> before she gets to bang the gavel, tension ran high, republican congressmen, cheer leading and carrying handmade signs, then the actual floor debate. >> answer the call of history. >> this bill is a fiscal frankenstein. >> and real emotion from jane boehner on the house floor. >> look how this bill is written. can you say it was done openly? with transparency and accountability? hell no, you can't! coming in at number 3 -- >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. >> christine o'donnell, a surprise republican senate candidate in delaware, trying to explain away comments she had made on the bill maher show in 1999. >> i dabbled in it.
4:51 pm
i never joined a coven. >> o'donnell lost the november race. and at number 2 -- >> we did. we did it. we made history. >> that's lisa murkowski declare victory in alaska's senate race two weeks after election day. she is the second person ever to win a write-in bid for the u.s. senate. that brings us to the number one political moment of 2010 -- >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states of america, barack obama. [ bleep ]. >> vip joe biden dropping the "f" bomb in the majestic white house east room right before president obama signed the historic health care bill. the president didn't react, but spokesman robert gibbs later tweeted, yes, mr. vice president, you're right. a democratic group even made a
4:52 pm
kem ra tiff t-shirt. i'm candy crowley. those are the top ten political moments for 2010. okay. and so imagine pooling your money with friends to hit the lottery, and when your dreams finally come true, they don't pay up. there's a legal case like this in florida that you've got to hear. sonny hostin is on that case straight ahead. hey, sunny. >> hey. [ female announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis going? they're discovering simponi®, the first self-injectable r.a. medicine you take just once a month. taken with methotrexate,
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4:55 pm
tradition and everyone is in on it. even mrs. claus. who needs a sleigh? and next, kids like toys for christmas. >> what? books for christmas? what the heck is that? i don't get books. that's not toys. that's books. i don't get books for christmas. >> you don't get books for christmas? i hate books for christmas? >> you hate books for christmas? >> yeah. >> maybe he'll appreciate it when he gets older. let's hope he's a child actor on something. victims of the bernie madoff ponzi scam may finally get hands on billions of stolen dollars. sunny hostin is on the case with that story, coming up next.
4:56 pm
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1234r50 a california-based pilot says the tsa took revenge after he posted cell phone video online showing security flaws at the san francisco airport. sunny hostin is on the case. let's look at a quick clip from one of those videos, sunny. >> as you can see there's only a card slide and one door. so when you see a cart, those carts aren't screened at all.
4:58 pm
>> so that's just a taste. so, sunny. the pilot says the tsa suspended him from a program that allows pilots to carry handguns in the cockpit and air marshals came to his home, took his permit -- can they go that far? >> well, they did, and apparently they can, but i think, fred, the interesting thing about this, this was a voluntary program this pilot was part of. he was an air marshal in the sky. it's the federal flight deck officers program, administered by the tsa. again, people are calling him some sort of hero, saying he's a whistle-blower and the tsa is reacting strongly and they're sort of slapping him around, you know, taking his weapon away from him. >> the flip side from that is the tsa and others are saying that he is jeopardizing airport security by posting this kind of
4:59 pm
information online. if that's the case, are there any laws that he's actually breaking as it pertains to that? >> well, it certainly is possible. the tsa is conducting a federal investigation, allegedly other authorities in california are investigating this. as you mentioned, this could be a matter of national security, if the wrong person is watching this sort of thing, it could be a breach the security, so certainly people are worried about it. >> meantime, bernie madoff, a lot of folks who are swindled out of their millions or thousands, thought they would never see any money from the bernie madoff ponzi scheme ever, and now apparently some might be getting their money back. what has changed in all of this? >> what has changed is what people are calling the largest settlement in the forfeiture arena in history. the real hero here i think is the trustee, irvin pick ard. he reached a $7.8 billion
5:00 pm
settlement with one of the estates of one investor, and people are saying this is really significant for the victims, because this was a $50 billion ponzi scheme, but now we're talking about $7.8 billion that has been recovered anywhere to another almost $3 billion, so $10 billion recovery is


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